/01.06.2018/: CSR Central Asia has supported the DOSBALA project on child-friendly cities

Symbolically, on the International Children’s Day, CSR Central Asia Agency announces the launch of the partnership project “DOSBALA”.


DOSBALA is an informative resource for the cities of Central Asia, which helps parents to find, select places and events for the whole family. DOSBALA project also helps organizations to be more child-friendly, as children’s needs can be the basis for innovation and creation of new markets.

The aim of DOSBALA project is to expand child-friendly environment.


Within the framework of this cooperation, the Agency emphasizes the importance of friendly attitude towards children by commercial and public organizations as a part of their socially responsible activities. Like any other CSR project, this one brings great advantages to the company: from consumer conveniences to attracting socially responsible investments.


The minimum criteria for a child-friendly organization are: trained staff, ready to give the baby a glass of water and to walk them to the bathroom. Additional corporate initiatives are always welcome. With possible levels of marking “DOSBALA” you can find here. Separately, it is worth noting the option of conducting initial self-assessment for companies of any industry on the DOSBALA web-site, in the section: “About the project.” So, you will be able to understand your present position concerning friendliness to children and how you can improve it.


If you are interested in this project, please contact info@dosbala.com for more information.


Note: CSR Central Asia in Kazakhstan already cooperates with another successful social project “Nuralau” – sewing shop for the production of “smart” clothing for people with disabilities.


URL: http://csr-ca.com/en/1-june-2018-agentstvo-csr-central-asia-podderjalo-proekt-dosbala/