/01.03.2018/: Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated annually on March 1 since 2014, by the decision of UN. UNAIDS – the Integrated Program of the United Nations on HIV/AIDS has acted as the main initiator of introduction of this global date. In support of the movement “Zero Discrimination” the governments of the certain states join, while also connecting representatives of business and civil society.

Discrimination, in other words, is “infringement”, and in the modern world it is often used tied with human rights on various signs: social, religious, gender, national and other.


For business sector this date can serve as a reminder for revision of corporate policies, which may include on any level, any type of discrimination on the daily basis. On what signs do you carry out employment, conclude partner agreements or draw a portrait of your average consumer? Do you consider interests or give advantage to vulnerable segments of the population while answering the questions above?

Adhering socially – responsible position on the corporate level, business communities can share their best practices on fighting discrimination, while working with people by means of fair selection, thereby reminding everyone of the human right on full-fledged worthy life.


URL: http://csr-ca.com/en/1-march-2018-zero-discrimination-day/