/11.01.2018/: 2018 Calendar. The official dates in the field of Sustainable Development

2018 year has come. There are whole series of new celebrations ahead. Except the widely-accepted governmental and professional days, don’t forget to mark your calendar with no less important dates – official dates in the field of sustainable development. Fix these dates with actions concerning solutions for the current issues or presentations of your results, and contribution to ecologic, social and economic development of the country. Such dates emphasize importance of business in economic development, social justice and ecological stability.


Let us offer you the List of the main dates, which has been defined by UN:

February 20 – International Day of Social Justice

March 1 – “Zero Discrimination” Day

March 3 – Wild Nature Day

March 22 – World Water Day

April 22 – World Earth Day

April 28 – World Day for Safety and Health at Work

May 12 – International Day of Fair Trade

May 22 – International Day for Biological Diversity

June 1 – Children’s Day

June 5 – World Environment Day

June 12 – World Day against Child Labour

September 5 – International Day of Charity

September 16 – Woodworkers Day

October 14 – World Day of Standardization

October 31 – World Cities Day

November 20 – Universal Children’s Day

December 3 – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 9 – International Anti-Corruption Day


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