/15.11.2017/: The workshop on the basis of Stakeholder Engagement Standard AA1000SES has taken place in the city of Astana

AA1000SES is accepted in the new 2015 edition and incorporates the best practices on interaction with interested parties (stakeholders) for the purpose of achievement of the operated, predicted and steady results on increase in efficiency in the field of CSR.




The series of AA1000 standards is based on the following basic principles:

Inclusivity – for the organization which acknowledges the responsibility to interested parties the involvement is a participation of interested parties in development of crucial strategic decisions for achievement of sustainable development.

Materiality – defines relevance and the importance of a problem for the organization and its interested parties. The vital issue is a problem which will influence decisions, actions and effectiveness of the organization or its interested persons.

Responsiveness – an implementation of the measures taken by the organization in response to problems of interested parties which influence its effectiveness in the field of sustainable development and are implemented through decisions and actions of the organization, in addition within the interaction process with interested parties.

Impact – (the updated version of 2017) an analysis of efficiency through the evaluation of influence regarding change management. The principle speaks about primacy of changes (improvements) which have entailed actions of an organization.


Participants have expressed huge interest towards the subject of stakeholders engagement as to the most important element of social responsibility and a resource which isn’t always fully used by the organizations for ensuring stability of business.
During the workshop, a lot of the Kazakhstan and foreign cases characterizing interaction process potential have been considered.


The training was provided by the accredited auditor of AA1000, Rolf Shwery, the old and reliable partner of the Agency.
Follow the announcements of CSR Central Asia Agency: the next training with the participation of Rolf Shwery will take place in February, 2018.


URL: http://csr-ca.com/en/15-noyabrya-2017-v-astane-proshel-trening-aa1000ses/