/15.10.2017/: The series of meetings (dialogues) on the development of eco-certifications in the Kyrgyz Republic has been finished

Voluntary ecological certification is one of the effective tools stimulating the private sector to the choice of environmental policy of business.
Ecological certification is considered as the form of corporate social responsibility allowing the business sector to fulfill the obligations for minimization of harmful effects on the environment voluntarily according to a set of the external and measured purposes.

Within the realized actions, the CSR Central Asia Agency initiated and have finished a series of dialogues (business meetings) with various groups of stakeholders, in particular, with representatives of the certifying bodies, providers of the international and local standards, with representatives of the companies of various branches, business associations, ecological NCOs and other expert persons.


The main questions which became a subject of discussions are questions of definition and the analysis of the current programs of the what certifications and standards existing in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, determination of level of applicability and readiness in introduction of the international standards (including branch) providing ecological requirements, studying of capacity of the local certifying bodies. And also definition of legislative, organizational, institutional and economic barriers to advance of voluntary certification in the Kyrgyz Republic and definition of necessary conditions for development of voluntary certification.


“Introduction of voluntary environmental standards for incentives to preservation of the environment” which will pass in November, 2017, in Bishkek is planned to present results of results of discussions, meetings and the analysis on the Round table.


Concerning the Project, please address: csr.centralasia@gmail.com


About the project:
By request of the UNDP project “The initiative of financing of a biodiversity (BIOFIN)”, the CSR Central Asia Agency realizes technical works on definition of opportunities of introduction of a series the voluntary certifications (providing ecological requirements) in various sectors of economy in the Kyrgyz Republic and preparation of recommendations for introduction of voluntary environmental standards for incentives for preservation of the environment.


Additional information about the project: http://csr-ca.com/22-september-2017-csr-central-asia-began-the-project-on-voluntary-ecological-certification/


URL: http://csr-ca.com/en/15-october-2017-meetings-on-voluntary-eco-certification-have-been-finalized/