/16.07.2017/: Certification training “GRI STANDARDS: Sustainability Reporting” (Astana)

Certification training “GRI STANDARDS: Sustainability Reporting”, traditionally took place on July 14-15, 2017 in Astana and was organized by the Agency of Corporate Development “CSR Central Asia”, which is the Official Partner of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

The participants of the training were managers and specialists of organizations involved in the process of preparation and verification of non-financial reporting or planning to start its preparation (specialists in sustainable development (CSR), ecologists, PR, HR, GR, IR specialists, etc.)

The main objectives of the event were:
– To familiarize the participants with the technologies of preparation of non-financial reporting and the requirements of the new standard of GRI Standards
– Increase the competence in applying the standard for non-financial reporting
– Give feedback from specialists in the field of non-financial reporting from other companies.
– Participants received Certificates from the Organizer and directly from GRI.

October 19, 2016 – the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) published new standards with the complex structure of GRI STANDARDS. They consist of three universal standards for all organizations, in addition there are 33 thematic standards. The new GRI Standards have been issued and are available for use since January 2017. Since January 1, 2018. GRI STANDARDS are recommended for reports.

Information about the Organizers:

CSR Central Asia is an expert organization in corporate sustainability and responsibility in Central Asia. The organization acts as an independent agency whose the main program direction is to confirm the effectiveness of organizations in the field of socially responsible programs and projects, as well as to increase the transparency and accountability of organizations, ensuring comparability, reliability, rigor, timeliness and verifiability of the information reported.
CSR Central Asia is officially part of the GOLD Community Organizational Partnership Program, GRI, which was created to promote reporting on sustainable development, taking into account global trends such as the Sustainable Development Goals (LRCs) and the agendas being developed according to the standards. As an Organizational Partner, the Agency “CSR Central Asia” provides the transfer of knowledge, technologies, international standards in the planning, maintenance and reporting of responsible practices. This allows companies, investors, analysts and other interested parties to learn the main non-financial indicators of various organizations, assess their level of transparency, and compare the data presented in both Central Asian and foreign non-financial reports.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) promotes sustainability reporting as a convenient tool to help organizations become more sustainable and contribute to the sustainability of the global economy. The main principle and ideology of GRI are that reporting on economic, environmental, social results and corporate governance should be an essential element of the work of the entire organization. Such activities help businesses to better understand the problems, risks and opportunities for sustainable development and demonstrate its financial, economic and social performance and sustainability for a wide range of stakeholders (investors, state, customers, partners, consumers and so on). More information: https://www.globalreporting.org/