/22.08.2017/: Non-commercial partnership “Ecological Union”: CSR Central Asia is certified in accordance with “Vitality Leaf. Green office »

CSR CENTRAL ASIA, an organization that provides services in the field of corporate sustainability and responsibility, successfully passed the environmental certification of its office in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). Now the company has become the owner of the Russian eco-label “Vitality Leaf”.

The history of relations between the Non-commercial partnership “Ecological Union” and CSR Central Asia began in April this year, when the two sides signed the Memorandum of Cooperation.

The cooperation started was the CSR CENTRAL ASIA decided to pass voluntary environmental certification in the Russian system “Vitality Leaf” (from Ecological Union). The office of the organization in Bishkek has been successfully checked and approved in compliance with the standard of their system (STO-56171713-002-2014) and received the right to use the eco-labeling type I – “Vitality Leaf”.

The standard for office premises contains requirements for the competent management of waste: by sorting and reducing the quantity, the proper handling of hazardous waste. In addition, the standard provides for mandatory requirements for rational energy and water consumption, as well as for the implementation of “environmentally responsible procurement”, stimulates the office management for environmental education and information.

According to the auditors of the “Vitality Leaf”, in the office of “CSR Central Asia” household chemicals are purchased either without chlorine and phosphate, or with eco-labeling type I (in the standards there are restrictioned/ prohibited on the content of harmful substances). Used toilet paper and paper towels are made from recycled materials, or are labeled with FSC. By the way, printing paper also has this eco-labeling.

The audit of the office also confirmed the responsible attitude of employees towards the task of reducing the amount of waste. In CSR CENTRAL ASIA, there is a separate collection of garbage, separately removed: waste paper, plastic bottles and bags, batteries, light bulbs and old technology. In addition, employees do not use disposable dishes and do not buy tea or coffee in serving packets. The technical equipment of the CSR CENTRAL ASIA office is also organized in accordance with environmental requirements: the organization uses LED lighting bulbs (99%!) And water-saving mixers. Measurements of water consumption (1.5-2.5 l/min.) During the audit confirm moderate consumption – careful attitude of personnel.

Experts noted that the agency conducts educational and business events not only for its clients and partners, but also for employees. In addition, CSR CENTRAL ASIA has developed an internal standard for conducting events, which includes the following environmental requirements:

– Minimal printout of handouts, minimal use of plastic, mailing by e-mail,

– refusal of bottled water,

– separate collection of paper and plastic,

– the use of energy-efficient light bulbs, maximum use of daylight and others.

Another initiative implemented in excess of the requirements of the eco-standard was the adoption of the “CSR Central Asia” policy in the field of environmental protection. The document states that the Agency recognizes the responsibility for preserving the environment for future generations and takes measures to introduce responsible consumption, reduce and compensate for negative impacts within the organization and throughout the supply chain.

The activities of offices have, on the one hand, a significant burden on the environment, and on the other hand, on the person himself, who spends a lot of time in the workplace. Therefore, it is so important to promote the greening of office space. The eco-establishment creates much more comfortable and healthy conditions for employees, and, as a result, a more favorable environment for labor activity – noted in the Environmental Union.

In addition
Non-commercial partnership “Ecological Union” for more than 25 years has been working extensively on environmental education and environmental culture. More than 15 years has been developing “green” standards and promoting the expansion of production and consumption of environmentally friendly products. Founder and operator of the only system of voluntary ecological certification of the international level “Vitality Leaf” in Russia. Eco-labeling “Vitality Leaf” is an analysis of the full life cycle of products, services and works (eco-labeling type I), in accordance with the international standard ISO 14024. Since 2007, the System is a member of the World Association of Eco-Labels (GEN), since 2011 – accredited in the International the program of mutual recognition of the leading eco-labels of the world (GENICES).
The Corporate Development Agency CSR Central Asia is a member of the Global Compact (GD), has the official status of the Organizational Partner of the Global Sustainability Reporting Initiative (GRI), a member of the Islamic Sustainability Reporting Initiative (IRI), signed by Initiatives Green Bridge Forum and Initiative “Green Bridge and Partnership Programs G-Global”.

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