/26.05.2018/: Results and resolution of the FSC Business Forum

On May 16, 2018, Bishkek hosted the first event aimed for promotion of biodiversity conservation and business development to achieve the goals of responsible management and usage of forest resources using FSC marketing tools (Forest Stewardship Council — Forest Board of Trustees, hereinafter FSC).


FSC Business Forum for Central Asian Countries “Development of responsible business through FSC” was dedicated to the International Day of Biological Diversity, and brought together a wide audience of performers, consultants and experts, as well as stakeholders like: representatives of government agencies, business, marketing and communications, public, science, international organizations, local FSC-certified representatives, as well as companies interested in FSC certification, media, non-profit organizations and all those who support FSC certification scheme.


During the forum participants presented and discussed proposals on responsible conservation of biological diversity and business development through FSC. The following topics have been discussed: materials from responsible sources and their processing, marketing companies, shares in retail, green procurement, government procurement, market development, work with buyers and the potential of non-wood forest products and ecosystem services, development obstacles, external and regional markets, standards and regulations.

Within the framework of the Forum a resolution document was adopted, the purpose of which is to propose recommendations to interested parties in the organization and implementation of the principles of responsible management of forests and biodiversity, as well as the development of forest products business through FSC in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The main recommendations of the resolution for the business sector concern:

  1. The brand “Wıld and Organıc” and “Silk Road Taste” to use/apply to the wild plants of Kyrgyzstan;
  2. Creation of a separate block on environmental/social issues on the websites of business structures.


In addition, it was recommended that the feedvack for other structures involve business in all matters related to the development and promotion of FSC certification.

For example, the following measures are indicated:

  • Establish environmental requirements/criteria for retailers (e.g. restrictions on the use of plastic bags or mandatory use of FSC-certified products only);
  • Develop a short-term/medium-term strategy or action plan for forest products business development;
  • To develop/clarify the principle of action of social/environmental communication on preferential terms (5-10% of advertising space of tenants is given on preferential terms for social advertising (FSC topic);
  • Develop a program to support social/environmental startups and initiatives (tax easing, as an example: tax holidays) to engage business in environmental issues;
  • Other.


The full text of the document is available (in Russian) here.


URL: http://csr-ca.com/en/26-may-2018-itogi-i-rezolyuciya-foruma-fsc-dlya-biznesa/