/3.11.2017/: The head of CSR Central Asia has participated at the 1st Forum on NGO – business – state cooperation “ASAR” in Atyrau city

The director of CSR Central Asia, Aliya Kadralieva, has made a speech at the 1st Forum on NGO – business – state cooperation “ASAR” in Atyrau city.

The main goal of the forum is to organize an effective platform of cooperation of NGO, business, and state representatives.


The organizing function of the Forum was provided by the Ministry of religion affairs and civil society of RK, National chamber of businessmen of RK “Atameken”, and Akimiat of the Atyrau region. The event is a part of the Atameken programme and is carried out annually. The action has taken place on October 30-31 in Atyrau.


In his performance minister Nurlan Ermekbayev has noted: “The head of the state in his program article “A look in the future: modernization of public consciousness” has noted that patriotism begins with love to the earth, aul, city, region, with love to the small homeland. Carrying out the ASAR dialogue platform will allow us to build systematized work on development of tripartite cooperation – NGO, business and the state.”


Aliya Kadraliyeva, the director “Corporate Social Responsibility Central Asia” Agency (“CSR Central Asia”) has participated at the plenary session of the Forum with the report “A role of the charity in the social program of the company”. The main message of A. Kadraliyeva was in the expansion of a social responsibility concept from charity to the system of the indicators making impact on social, ecological and economic aspects of activity.


Participants of the first Republican forum “ASAR” have adopted the resolution on creating favorable conditions for further development of tripartite cooperation. In particular, it is decided to improve the system of tripartite cooperation between NGO, business and the state, mechanisms and instruments of broad involvement of business in social spheres and also, to intensify use of capacity of public organizations and initiative citizens.
On behalf of the Agency the resolution was signed by Aliya Kadraliyeva.



The resolution recommends public authorities to consider questions of tripartite cooperation on an annual basis, and to enter into practice systematization of experience of tripartite cooperation for studying and distribution successful practician of interaction.

The platform will lay the foundation for continuous cooperation and also will stimulate activation of civil society and business in the solution of social problems.



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