/31.05.2018/: “Taza Jashoo” 3-month national ecological campaign has been finalized. Business for Ecology!

3-month national campaign “Taza Jashoo” action aimed for mobilizing efforts of the State, public and business sector for sanitary cleaning and landscaping of the cities and settlements of the Kyrgyz Respublic’s environmental security issues. The national campaign lasted from March 1 to May 31, 2018 by the declaration of the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic.


CSR Central Asia Agency supported the environmental campaign “Taza Jashoo” and, being a member of its organizing committee, was responsible for involvement of the Kyrgyz business environment to the national campaign.

As a result of the three-month action, more than 100 commercial organizations across the country joined the “Taza Jashoo” campaign. As a part of their voluntary environmental activities, the representatives of business structure carried out sanitary cleaning and landscaping of the territories in cities and villages, at social, educational institutions and park areas, as well as waste management via separate technology.


In our turn, we would like to thank the management and teams of all the companies that responded to our call and showed their environmental responsibility. Among them were companies such as: Gazprom Neft Asia, Kainar Group, Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers, Basconi shoe store, JSC Chakan HPP, Organic (LLC Ecoproduct Asia), Dan Agro Products, Elite House, construction company Emark Group, Electrical Stations JSC, KICB Bank, JSC “National Energy Holding Company “, Bai Tushum Bank, Mol Bulak Kyrgyzstan, Optima Bank, Bank of Asia, Senti financial company, Finca Bank, Hyatt Regency, Deloitte & Touch LLC, Marka Audit, BMG Pharm, Kyrgool gamekeeping, other.


High level of informational support of the Taza Jashoo national campaign and mobilization of the private sector became possible thanks to business associations of Kyrgyzstan, such as: International Business Council, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), American Chamber of Commerce “Amcham”, JIA Business Association, National Alliance of Business Associations, Association of Forest and Land usage of Kyrgyzstan, Infox Information business network, other.


CSR Central Asia also expresses its professional appreciation for the partnership within the three months of the national campaign to all partners – members of the organizing committee: Eco Demi PF, Jashyl Bilik PF, Youth Initiative Development Fund, PA “Women’s forum Kurak “, Archa Initiative PF, Enactus Kyrgyzstan, other. We would like to note your high level of management, resource mobilization and response to numerous requests during the three-month period of the Taza Jashoo national campaign. The work carried out has made a great contribution to the protection of Kyrgyzstan’s ecology, has allowed to draw attention of the society to environmental problems.


The activities carried out within the framework of the Taza Jashoo campaign can be followed up by passing through hashtags #тазажашоо #tazajashoo on social networks.

Note that on June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide. On this day, CSR Central Asia Agency will issue certificates of recognition to companies that have become participants of the Taza Jashoo national campaign.



  • Certificates from CSR Central Asia Agency will be sent to the e-mail of the company-participant of the action according to the list of the agency;
  • In case your company has become a participant of the action, but for some reasons, we do not have information about it, send us a message to: info.csrca@gmail.com (indicating name of the company, the date and place of the environmental initiatives and events carried out from March 1 to May 31, 2018, and 2-3 photos with information on the content of the initiatives). Messages are accepted until June 11, 2018.


URL: http://csr-ca.com/en/31-may-2018-zavershilas-trehmesyachnaya-ekologicheskaya-akciya-taza-jashoo/