/31.10.2017/: The meeting «Dialogues with business: prevention of child labor in the strategic business agenda» in the framework of ILO Global Consultations, has been organized in Bishkek

On October 31, 2017, the consulting meeting «Dialogues with business: prevention of child labor in the strategic business agenda» in the framework of International Labour Organization Global Consultations, has been organized in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.



The representatives of organizations, who obtain the following features, have participated at the event: positive practice of prevention of exploitation, and creation of favorable conditions for childhood – representatives of companies in Kyrgyzstan, who have corporate policy in the field of child labor prevention, who influence on chain of deliveries in their business, and have experience (or plan to gain) in the implementation of social initiatives in the field of child labor prevention. Where it is necessary to introduce refusal practice of child labor usage, according to the available examples of exploitation of children – in the field of agriculture, market, production, textile, tourism, and construction activities. Other interested representatives of business and public environment, who are connected with consultations topic (business associations, independent expert business audience, media).


According to the statistical data, about 27.8% of children at the age of 5-17 years are engaged into works that are unacceptable for their age and development. Along with successful practice on protection of childhood which are undertaken by business in Kyrgyzstan, in such branches as agriculture, tourism, trade (markets), construction and manufacturing sectors, – there are still available negative examples of usage of forced and child labor.


At the same time, relevance of the perspective increases in connection with obtaining the status of GPS+ by Kyrgyzstan. The GPS+ mode demands from Kyrgyzstan of full implementation of obligations under 27 international conventions, including obligations for eradication of forced and child labor, and creation of the review of an order of realization of goods, according to the international standards.


Amina KURBANOVA, National Coordinator of ILO project: “We are engaged into a problem of forced and child labor usage for a long time, but today we have submitted this agenda for consideration business community. It is connected not only with inclusion of Kyrgyzstan in the GPS+ mode, but also with some other obligations which has undertaken Kyrgyzstan on implementation of labor standards and the Global Agenda in the field of sustainable development. All UN member countries have included problems of forced and child labor in the number of their priorities. The defined task 8.7. which urges us to finish all forms of child labor by 2025. Numerous researches have proved the fact of the possibility of achievement of sustainable development only at the coordinated development of economy, the social sphere and a responsible attitude to the environment. In this regard, the ILO together with the Agency of corporate development “CSR Central Asia”, dealing with issues of corporate social responsibility, submits a problem of child and forced labor in Kyrgyzstan for discussion with business community. Unfortunately, figures show that among countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in Kyrgyzstan there is the highest rate of usage of child labor, every third child is economically active, children at the age of 6-13 years are involved in the dangerous types of works”.


The program of the seminar included the following questions: 

  • The short review of global and national tendencies of the future in the sphere of labor.
  • Discussion of the role and strategies for the organizations of employers and representatives of the business environment in Kyrgyzstan towards achievement of a task 8.7. of Sustainable development goals 2030, and observance of the corresponding obligations within the GPS+ mode.
  • The review of labor standards in the field of eradication and prevention of child and forced labor.
  • The review of experience of eradication / prevention of child labor in chains of deliveries.


Note: Within these national consultations, the organizing parties plan to carry out the 2nd round of business meetings for confirmation of consultations’ results, and also for the purpose of completion and realization of joint actions for prevention and eradication of child labor within the global agenda in the field of sustainable development 2030 and the GPS+ mode with the interested associations / enterprises.





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