/9.02.2018/: The eco-certification experience of CSR Central Asia Agency was mentioned at the GEN magazine

GEN Magazine 2017 – Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) magazine which covers key world news in the sphere of “green” economy, national programs on ecolabelling and ecological certification. In issues of the information international digest key “green” tendencies and events of economies, the markets of the certified production, the companies owners of ecomarkings are covered. Among newsmakers of the digest there is a program of ecomarking “The European flower” (European countries), “A Blue Angel” (Germany), “A Northern Swan” (the countries of Scandinavia), “The green sign” (USA), “Vitality Leaf” (Russia) and also programs of Australia, Japan, China and other member countries of GEN. The digest extends among the companies owners of ecomarkings, the partner organizations and government institutions.


The last issue was devoted to growth of popularity of green state procurements, the international influence of the Russian “Vitality Leaf”, and other subjects. Among other messages, separately, GEN has allocated experiment of the Ecological Union on certification of the Corporate Development Agency “CSR Central Asia”.

According to Yulia Gracheva, director of the Ecological Union, the board member of the Global Ecolabelling Network GEN: “This is a successful example of how other countries (not participating in global network GEN) can pick up relay of sustainable development, introduction of the international experience at the local level.”


Reminder: CSR Central Asia Agency interacts with NP Ecological Union on the basis of the concluded Memorandum. It includes transfer of international practice in the field of ecological education, advanced programs of services in voluntary ecological certification for the purpose of motivating state and business structures to the introduction of “green” technologies, scientific developments and projects.


Resume of last issue in Russian:  http://ecounion.ru/dajdzhest-gen-rasshiryaya-granitsy-soobshhestva-ekomarkirovok/

Get acquainted with magazine’s latest issues: http://ecounion.ru/category/digestsgen/

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