Asel Arstanbekova is a chief executive officer and founder of the Agency of corporate development “CSR Central Asia”. “CSR Central Asia” is an expert organization specialized in corporate sustainability and social, ecological and economic responsibility. Asel Arstanbekova has Bachelor degree in Economics and Master’s degree in Business Administration. She has international certificates from ISO series of standards, Accountability standards, АА1000SES series, GRI and others.

Main specialization – is the management of solutions in the sphere of corporate social, economic, environmental responsibility (CSR), corporate communications.

E-mail: csr.centralasia@gmail.com 

Director of the office in Kazakhstan

Business trainer, coach. Consultant on sustainable development, corporate sustainability, social and environmental assessment. Aliya has Bachelor degree in Law and Master’s degree in Business Administration.She has international certificates from ISO standard series, Accountability, АА1000SES and others.

Main specialization – decision management of corporate social, economic, environmental responsibility (CSR), consulting support in various aspects (ISO 9001: 2008, staff motivation, internal corporate social projects, KPI implementation, personnel assessment, etc.)

E-mail: csr.kaz@gmail.com

PR manager

Aisuluu Murzakulova has Bachelor degree in Economics (field of study – information systems management), Master’s degree in Business Administration and official international certificates related to corporate sustainability and responsibility GRI-G4. Participated in more than 20 additional educational programs for professional development.

Main specialization  public relations, corporate communications, building stable contacts database, building communication processes on the basis of the international standard of interaction AA1000SES. Specialist in organizing public events, forums, conferences, in accordance with GRI international requirements “Sustainable events”.

E-mail: prmedia.csr@gmail.com 

Manager of Social Projects

Kymbat Daniiarova has a Bachelor degree in economics, studied CSR Management at HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration. Participated in many projects where she gained organizational experience in the field of sustainable development. The projects are “Business Run” an entrepreneur contest, “Global Entrepreneurship Week” event, “Kyrgyzstan Universities’ Fair”. Participated in a series of additional educational programs for personal skills development such as “Sustainable development – the strategy of the planet Earth”, “Intro to the green economy”, conferences on sustainable development, UN Models. Kymbat has practice experience in research and consulting projects.

Main specialization  – management of social projects.

E–mail: info.csrca@gmail.com




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