/22.04.2017/: Corporate Development Agency “CSR Central Asia” has signed the memorandum of cooperation with NP “Ecological Union”

On April 22, 2017, NP “Ecological Union” and Corporate Development Agency “CSR Central Asia” have signed the memorandum of cooperation.

The main goals of cooperation are establishment of long-term relations concerning development in the field of ecological education and programs in the promotion sphere of the services on voluntary ecological certification of production, works, and services, as a purpose for motivation of governmental and business bodies towards the introduction of “green” technologies, scientific developments and projects.  Symbolically, the date of the beginning of cooperation was on International Earth Day (April 22, 2017).


According to the director of NP “Ecological Union” Yuliia Gracheva: “In the whole world, one of the methods of environmental harm preventions is ecological certification. Ecological Union has been working in this field for more than 15 years, while developing voluntary system of ecological certification on the international level “Vitality Leaf”. We are glad to get united with new partners – likeminded people, and work towards increasing of ecological culture, assistance to the development and widening of production and consumption of ecologically safe products. We are sure that joint projects with “CSR Central Asia” Agency will be effective and will serve as the important step to the development of green economy”.


The memorandum provides a wide range of interactions on the following directions:

  • development and carrying out the programs in the field of promotion of services in the voluntary ecological certification of products, work and services;
  • development of new complex solutions on modernization and diversification of training of specialists in the system of additional eco-education, and implementation of purposeful ecological educational work;
  • preparation of professional ecologists, who meet the modern requirements and specifics of profile enterprises and organizations’ activities;
  • distribution of innovative scientific achievements and technologies in the field of ecology into the production process and daily ecological activities;
  • joint implementation of innovative ecological activities in the educational sphere;
  • coordination of interactions on usage and development eco-technologies and scientific achievements in the system of additional education;
  • establishment of sustainable partner relationships between the parties concerning ecological education.


Managing Director of “CSR Central Asia” Agency Asel Arstanbekova: “The vector of green economy’s development, which has been accepted in the countries of Central Asia, actualizes tasks on development of measures for decreasing and/or compensation of ecological influence. Following the purposes of our organization, and according to national countries’ priorities, we continue to develop perspective ecological activities and to expand international partnership. International support and creation of a pool of professional national experts, development and deployment of “green” certification, “Green office”, “Sustainable events” projects, projects on development of industry standards, support of ecological management systems, and another. This is not the full list of initiatives, which will be progressively implemented in the Central Asian countries within the partnership with NP “Ecological Union”.

The parties hope that partnership will allow them to strengthen the dialogue with business associations concerning environmental issues, and also introducing the standards of handling the business according to the international practice.



Noncommercial partnership “Ecological Union” has been doing the wide range of work in the field of ecological education and increasing ecological culture for more than 25 years. Form more than 15 years it has been developing “green” standards and promotes the expansion of production and consumption of ecologically safe products. It is the founder and operator of “Vitality Leaf”, a single System of voluntary ecological certification on international level in Russia. Ecolabelling “Vitality Leaf” represents the analysis of full life cycle of production, service and work (ecolabelling of I type), according to international standard ISO 14024. Since 2007, the system is included into The Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), since 2011 – accredited by GEN’s Internationally Coordinated Ecolabelling System (GENICES). http://ecounion.ru/