/20.08.2017/: CSR CENTRAL ASIA Office received “Vitality Leaf” eco-label

The Agency “CSR Central Asia” has successfully passed voluntary environmental certification in the Russian system “Vitality leaf” from the Ecological Union and now has the right to use their eco-label, I type – “Vitality leaf”.

Certification was carried out by the “Ecological Union” (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – partner of the Agency “CSR Central Asia” – the first and the only authority who has the right for international certification of products, work places and services in Russia. “Ecological Union” for more than 25 years works in the sphere of environmental protection, 15 years engaged in the development of ecostandards and certifications. Since 2007, the System Ecological Union has become a member of the World Association of Eco-Labels (GEN), since 2011 it has been accredited in the International Program for the Recognition of Leading Eco-Labeling of the World (GENICES).

“The activities of the offices have, on the one hand, a significant burden on the environment, and on the other, on the person himself who spends a lot of time in the workplace. Therefore, it is so important to promote the greening of office space. We confirm that the Agency’s eco-office creates much more comfortable and healthy conditions for employees, and, as a result, a more favorable environment for labor activity “, the auditors of the Ecological Union noted.

The “CSR Central Asia” Agency’s office in Bishkek has successfully passed a number of verifications for compliance with the standard of the system SRT-56171713-002-2014, which confirms compliance with the requirements for “green” office premises for rational energy and water consumption, competent waste management, the introduction of “environmentally responsible procurement” Environmental education and information.

According to Asel Arstanbekova, Director of the Agency “CSR Central Asia” – “Environmental concern is one of the most important values of our organization, which is reflected in the Environmental Protection Policy and all internal documents of the Agency. Eco-labeling “Vitality leaf”, our organization once again demonstrates its commitment to environmental issues, and further, we plan to provide support to our partners and clients on reducing environmental issues impact, including on the implementation of green office management.


  • Information on passing the audit for compliance with the standard of the system SRT-56171713-002-2014 and obtaining the right to use eco-labeling type I – “Leaf of Life” is on the site of the NP “Ecological Union” here
  • Information on the Agency’s environmental activity and experiences in implementing and confirming the status of the “Green Office” can be found in the Interview with the Coordinator of the Environmental Direction – Olesya Pavlova here
  • Information about the partnership of the Agency “CSR Central Asia” with NP “Ecological Union” can be found here: http://csr-ca.com/ecological-union-russia-and-csr-ca/