/3.12.2017/: First forum of innovations “Perezagruzka” for NGOs took place on December, 2-3, in Bishkek

First forum of innovations “Perezagruzka” for NGOs took place on December, 2-3 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


Institute for Youth Development, PF “Civil Participation”, International Center Interbilim supported by Soros-Kyrgyzstan Fund, Fair and Sustainable Development Solutions, and Fund of Konrad Adenauer have organized this event.



What is “Perezagruzka”? It is the unique platform for representatives of non-profit organizations where thete is an opportunity for them to create an innovative ecosystem for the introduction of the latest technologies in the activity of their organizations.

The main goal of the forum — demonstration and presentation of innovations in the non-governmental sector and assistance to introduction of the latest technologies in the organizations for effective and mobile work.


In a panel session “Effective Interactions of NGOs with Interested Parties”, director of the CSR Central Asia Agency has talked on the topic of “Business and NGO: sustainable mechanisms of interaction”. Within the framework of performance, the main mechanisms of interaction of NGO with business sector, and recommendations on strengthening their partnership have been discovered.


The forum has taken place in a format of panel discussions and Digital workshops by the principle of “world cafe”.


Within the action more than 40 presentations/master classes from experts from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan have been organized. More than 200 people from NGO sector became participants of the Forum on innovations.


URL: http://csr-ca.com/en/pervyi-forum-innovacii-dlya-nko-proshel-2-3-dekabrya-v-bishkeke/