/12.07.2017/: RBC Forum: course for sustainable business development (September 22, 2017, Moscow)

“RBC Forum: sustainable business development course” will be held September 22, 2017, in Moscow, Russia.


The agency “CSR Central Asia” is the official partner of the event!


The activities of leading Russian and world companies today are aimed not only at making a profit, but also at improving lives of people. Growing number of companies demonstrate an understanding of Russia’s new strategic approach to CSR. Such transformations are conditioned by the UN agenda for sustainable development until 2030. Nevertheless, when implementing sustainable development practices in Russia, companies face the institutional and infrastructural constraints that are characteristic of emerging markets. Education of responsible leaders of different levels is both a business task and the task of the state, since only the presence of such people makes the economy attractive for investment, for partnership, for mutually beneficial relations.


What do modern businesses need to do to be more effective? How can sustainable development programs help? What is the role of the state in achieving the goals of sustainable development? The answers to these and other questions will be discussed by key experts in the framework of the annual RBC Forum.


Details of the event on the official website of the Organizers: http://bc.rbc.ru/2017/kso/


Download program of the event: CSR Forum RBC_programme22 September 2017, Moscow


The participation cost is 32000 + (18% VAT) of Russian rubles


The discount on participation of representatives from the countries of Central Asia – 20%, the code word “CSR Central Asia”


Registration: Regarding registration and discounting, please contact RBC Business Conference with Nonna Suchkova (nsuchkova@rbc.ru) by phone: Tel .: +7 (495) 363-11-11 ext.1593, Mob. : +7 926 763 05 03