Corporate reporting on sustainable development

CSR Central Asia offers services related to preparation of sustainable development reports (GRI).

GRI (The Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Reporting Standards are an international reporting standard for voluntary application by organizations that report on sustainable development.

Corporate social responsibility reporting is reporting that covers both economic, environmental, and social aspects of company’s operations, disclosing information about its non-financial initiatives and its contribution to sustainable development of the world around it. GRI is a system of unique standards that can be applied by organizations in any industry, regardless of the size and region.  It offers specific indicators and approaches to disclosure in all aspects of sustainable development.

Any organization can become the subject of non-financial reporting: private company (business), NGOs and government bodies.

Non-financial initiatives of companies operating in Central Asia and the world are becoming increasingly important for their survival and sustainable development. Consulting services of CSR Central Asia in non-financial reporting will help increase the effectiveness of non-financial initiatives of your company.

The range of our services related to non-financial reporting includes the following:

  • GRI certification training for preparation of non-financial reporting for employees (link)
  • Preparation of non-financial reporting in accordance with GRI standards.
  • Setting up and maintaining communications with stakeholders (link)
  • Creation of a system for preparing public non-financial reporting (planning, monitoring data, analysis).
  • Assurance (audit) of non-financial reporting for compliance with criteria established by GRI, AA1000APS, etc.
  • Analysis and effectiveness evaluation of social programs. (link)
  • Design, layout, printing.

It is important to realize that non-financial reporting is not a one-time PR activity, but rather a systematic effort to strengthen sustainability of the organization’s activities. That is why preparation of reports should be considered in connection with other comprehensive CSR consulting projects (link), services related to development and management of programs and projects (link), communications with stakeholders (link), and research on sustainable development (link).


Our team includes specialists certified in updated GRI / G4 standards who are ready to assist with preparation of non-financial reporting at any stage: from an induction meeting with company management to layout and printing of reports.

Our international team has extensive experience in preparing non-financial reporting in various industries.

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