Interaction with the Agency’s stakeholders is based on international standard AA1000SES (Stakeholder Engagement Standard).

We are convinced that the key to its success is long-term relations with business partners and with other stakeholders based on mutual respect, trust, honesty and justice.


Our organization has identified its key stakeholders and has developed 2017-2018 engagement program, which outlines forms, channels, and purpose of engagement.

Our key stakeholders:

  • our staff;
  • project implementation partners(including business associations, professional institutes);
  • organizations interested in increasing corporate responsibility and sustainability;
  • public organizations whose activities involve disclosure of information on economic, social, and environmental effectiveness of their programs;
  • donor organizations whose missions aim to increase social, economic, and environmental of entities, as well as to improve the effectiveness of communications between the society, business, and the State in addressing socio-economic challenges;
  • government entities responsible for social and environmental development;
  • suppliers of goods and services.

Objectives of stakeholder engagement:

  • Discussion of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility matters with stakeholders;
  • Informing stakeholders about the principles and program activities of the Agency;
  • Informing and involving stakeholders in implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and UN Global Compact principles.


Within the framework of the interaction program, the forms, channels and goals of interaction are defined.

Government engagement

The Agency takes part in various activities that involve the government in the processes of sustainable development (round tables, hearings, etc.)

Engagement of suppliers and clients

In order to inform the suppliers about the principles of the Agency, as well as to expand commitment by means of analysis of the supply chain, our contracts include mandatory rules that cover the following intolerance towards corruption, refraining from child labor, no discrimination, desire to reduce eco footprint.

Civil society engagement

Public organizations whose activities involve disclosure of information on economic, social, and environmental effectiveness of their programs. We conuct educational events and consulting for NGOs. NGOs can become our partners, suppliers or clients.

Local communities and social activities

The Agency supports development of local areas through engagement of local communities in sustainable development processes through its program activities (informing, training, engaging in dialogue, promoting social entrepreneurship).

Program Activity. Render of professional services.  

The Agency renders services and implements special projects that aim to improve communication effectiveness with stakeholders (organizing hearings, consultations, raising stakeholder awareness, etc.). Such projects are implemented in line with international standards of sustainable development.


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