/25.06.2018/: CSR Central Asia agency specialist participated at the seminar on evaluation and management of professional risks

On June 21 – 22, 2018, “Seminar on evaluation and management of professional risks at the enterprise was held in Bishkek. Theory and Practice” within the framework of 2nd phase of the project “Overcoming the crisis and ensuring decent and safe work”, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. The organizer of the seminar is the International Labour Organization.


The purpose of the training: to familiarize the tripartite participants with the theory and practice of risk assessment and management in the workplace on the example of enterprises in the three most traumatic types of economic activity, as well as the involvement in this training of one Higher educational institution (university), with the purpose of preparation of the national teaching base for teaching this subject.


The two-day training program consisted of a theoretical part: presentations on the relevance and necessity of assessment of professional risks, attestation of workplaces, detailed stages of assessment and risk management, as well as practical part: departure to pilot enterprise – for the analysis of professional risks on the example of the construction company. Following the results of the two-day seminar the system principles were formulated and the methodology of risk assessment was proposed.


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