“CSR CENTRAL ASIA” CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY is an expert organization in the area of corporate responsibility and sustainability in Central Asia, which acts as a center for collaboration between business and society, and implements programs and projects (services) that contribute to social, environmental, and economic effectiveness.

We help organizations design responsible policies and activities that could contribute to economic growth of their businesses, while ensuring environmental sustainability and social development of the regions in which they operate.

CSR Central Asia is an independent agency whose key program area is conformity assessment of organizations in relation to socially responsible programs and projects, as well as helping organizations increase transparency and accountability by ensuring comparability, credibility, rigor, timeliness, and verifiability of reported information.

Since the establishment, we have implemented over 50 regional sustainable development and CSR projects for companies in various industries of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. We apply the best practices and offer a team of leading national and international experts in corporate governance, social responsibility, and sustainable development.

Our mission, vision, values, ​​and principles form the foundation of all our activities implemented in line with the current legislation and in accordance with ethical norms. We extend our principles to our partners, customers, and suppliers.

Official partnerships with international business community in the area of sustainable development help us ensure efficient transfer of innovation knowledge in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (environmental, economic) in line with international standards, taking into account cultural particularities of Central Asian states.

“CSR Central ASIA” corporate development agency is Participant of UN Global Compact, Official OS Partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Official member of the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI), Official signatory of the Green Bridge Forum (GRF), Official signatory to the “Green Bridge” Astana Initiative, Official partner of the NP Ecological Union, Member and partner of reputable regional Central Asian business organizations: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan.

CSR central asia caries out activities to promote sustainable development and csr mechanisms in Central Asia. 

  • We operate in various sectors where sustainability issues are corporate priority or becoming such. Such sectors include mining, energy, finance, tourism, air transportation, trade, services, agriculture, and food processing.
  • We place SPECIAL emphasis on ‘green’ sectors (suppliers of green technologies, services) that focus on transfer of green technologies, knowledge, and innovations for Central Asian companies.
  • Government, non-profits, and educational institutions are also our major clients in terms of communications with businesses and enhancing effectiveness of social programs.

CSR CENTRAL ASIA’S ACTIVITIES focus on solutions in the following areas: 

  • Good business practices: business development for the wellbeing of society, minimization of social costs of business operations, greater effectiveness of local jobs.
  • Safe labor conditions, occupational health and staff development: creation of additional (in addition to legally required) safe labor conditions and occupational health standards, provision of competitive wages and social packages, investment in staff development.
  • Environmental protection and resource conservation (“green economy“): implementation of environmental and resource conservation programs for businesses with a view to reducing ecological footprint.
  • Development of local communities: encouraging effective dialogue and interaction between businesses and local communities; implementation of joint social, environmental, economic projects and programs.
  • Relations with the media and corporate information policies for dissemination of best practices on corporate social responsibility.
  • Charity and volunteering: establishment of effective mechanisms for implementation of charitable projects, encouraging charitable contributions and volunteering.

Аgency’s services include full cycle in the following areas:

  • Educational activities and business events on CSR/SD, green economy, certification and contribution of the business sector in development of Central Asian countries.
  • Support to management solutions (consulting) on CSR strategies and programs (including ISO 26000, 31000, AA1000SES, GRI).
  • Implementation of social, environmental, and economic projects.
  • PR and media services. Dialogue with stakeholders on CSR policies and sustainability reporting.
  • Studies, expertise, verification, monitoring and evaluation of social investments, CSR/SD publications.

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The organization is a legally registered entity in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, is proud of its broad partner network in other countries of Central Asia; has relevant material and technical facilities, as well as reference letters and certificates proving the level of skills and experience in implementation of projects with international and local organizations.