CSR CENTRAL ASIA is an expert organization in corporate sustainability and social responsibility in Central Asia.


In support of the long-standing cooperation, on September 14, 2016, CSR Central Asia has officially confirmed its support of the Green Bridge Partnership Program during the International Conference in Astana titled “Green Bridge – the bridge to green technology, innovation, and affordable energy”.  Our organization has signed the Program’s Charter (see the List of signatories).

The Green Bridge Partnership Program (GBPP) is a result of two major ministerial processes that determined the trends for environment and development in the Asia-Pacific region (the sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development in Asia and the Pacific, held in Astana in 2010) and in Europe (including EU Ministerial Conference “Environment for Europe”, held in Astana in 2011).

The Green Bridge Partnership Programme (GBPP) is intended to bring together the countries of Central Asia with the support from key international institutions and the private sector. Its mission statement is:

“Leading green economic growth in Central Asia through international cooperation and the facilitation of technology transfer, knowledge exchange and financial support.”

Official site: http://gbpp.org

As the signatory of the Platform, CSR Central Asia supports GBPP in advancement of green economic growth in Central Asia and Eurasian region as a whole. The Agency implements projects that contribute to strengthening environmental responsibility of businesses and support the development of green economy through promotion of international cooperation, transfer of technology, and exchange of knowledge.



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