2011 – 2014

CSR Business Network /Note: the first name of the Organization/ was registered on November 1, 2010, in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. The mission of the organization was – promotion and popularization of the idea, concepts, and understanding of the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The organization worked only in the Kyrgyz Republic. From 2011 to 2013, inclusively, CSR Business Network worked actively on promotion and advancement of corporate social responsibility, as well as popularization of best performance models. We have implemented 20+ studies, more than 50 consulting and educational projects, over 100 events (seminars, trainings, presentations, sessions, conferences, forums, master-classes, business meetings, other).  Most notable CSR-related events included “CSR Week in Kyrgyzstan” (2011), “CSR Week in Kazakhstan” (2013), national media contests for best coverage of CSR topic (Kyrgyzstan, 2010-2013), HR-Summit “CSR and labor practices”, as well as other activities in various industries.

Particular attention over the past period was paid to building professional capacity of the organization. We are grateful to our teachers and mentors who have supported us and shared their knowledge.


2014 – 2017

www.csr-ca.com:  due to expansion of the geographic coverage, after completion of re-registration in Kyrgyzstan (2014) and official registration in Kazakhstan (2014), the Organization changed its name from CSR Business Network  (CSR Business Network) to CSR Central Asia.


As before, we are ready to make our contribution to bettering business environment, building business communities, and introducing new private sector standards.




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