/11.09.2017/: “Corporate Social Responsibility is beneficial!”

Good afternoon, Today we will consider why business becomes more socially responsible. Business speaks on the language of benefits, so we do analyze the benefits...

/August 8, 2015/ Uluk Kydyrbaev: Companies of Kyrgyzstan have started to understand the necessity...

Chairman of National Alliance of Business Associations, Uluk Kydyrbaev, about current situation and further development of CSR in Kyrgyzstan.   CSR: Your professional activity touches development business of environment. On your look, does business need to be socially responsible? Why? UK: I always said that business is initially socially responsible. For me, foremost, it is tax payment. Firstly, business pays taxes, and...

(Русский) /17 февраля 2015/: От добрых дел к ответственности

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