“CSR Central Asia” corporate development agency is a member and partner of recognized international organizations in the field of sustainable development and corporate responsibility:

We are also grateful for the experience and collaboration with international development agencies and programs that helped support a number of projects that CSR Central Asia has implemented in the area of economic development, social welfare, and environmental stability of Central Asia.

  • UNDP Social and Economic Development Program, and Sustainable Development Program.
  • UNDP, Global Environmental Facility, SGP
  • UNDP, “Strengthening policy and legal framework for addressing conservation of biodiversity”.
  • International Labor Organization, “Regulation of labor and greater youth employment” project
  • International Labor Organization, “Creating favorable conditions for development of entrepreneurship” project
  • USAID/DELLOITE, Reforma Project, Business Growth Initiative
  • The Aga Khan Development Network
  • International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)
  • GIZ, Sustainable Economic Development Program
  • EBRD, Business Support Consultations (BAS)
  • Other
We express our gratitude to our current partners – international agencies, whose expert support is very important for us. We are ready to continue to develop our mutual partnership.