/28 June 2017/: Association of Social Entrepreneurs (ASE) handed a Letter of Thanks to Asel Arstanbekova (Director of CSR Central Asia) for her support and contribution to the development of social entrepreneurship in Kyrgyzstan.







/22 June 2017 /: The National Alliance of Business Associations (NABA) handed a Letter of Thanks to the CSR Central Asia Director for cooperation and active work in the development and strengthening of business and entrepreneurship in the Kyrgyz Republic.


/17 June 2017 /: The first deputy chairman of the Karaganda region on the “Nur Otan” party expressed gratitude for holding a master class on the topic: “Sustainable business – sustainable economy – sustainable development” to Alia Kadraliyeva, director of the CSR Central Asia office in Kazakhstan.


/21 February 2016/: American University of Central Asia handed a Letter of Thanks to Anton Chodelka for conducting a lecture on the topic: “Corporate Social Responsibility”.



/21 February 2016/: American University of Central Asia presented a Letter of Thanks to Asel Arstanbekova for conducting the lecture on topic:”Corporate Social Responsibility”.



/10 June 2016 /: The National Enactus Kyrgyzstan competition, which was held on June 10-11 in Bishkek at the American University of Central Asia, presented a Letter of Gratitude to the CSR Central Asia Agency for supporting students interested in entrepreneurship.



/9 December 2015/: The Association of Directors for Communications and Corporate Media in Russia expressed gratitude to the Director of CSR Central Asia, Asel Arstanbekova, for her speech at the IV annual international forum “Socially Responsible Business – the Basis for Sustainable Economic Development: Experience and Prospects for the Interaction of Successful corporations and business schools “December 8, 2015”.




The International Business Council (IBC) presented a certificate of appreciation for active participation in the IBC activities.





/14 October 2014/: USAID’s reform project initiated by Deloitte Consulting, Inc., expressed gratitude to the NGO “CSR Central Asia” for cooperation and successful implementation of projects.



/25 February 2014 /: CSR Central Asia received a certificate of passing a master class on the topic: “Environmental and socially responsible approaches to the development of mineral resources.”




/14 September 2012 /: The International Business Council handed a letter of thanks for success in Corporate Social Responsibility.




Director of CSR Central Asia Asel Arstanbekova received a Letter of Thanks at the Annual International Conference devoted to Charity in Kazakhstan.


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