Verification of sustainability reports (independent assurance)

CSR Central Asia views verification, as a tool for building stakeholder trust to corporate social reporting and validation of their interests. CSR Central Asia has all the credentials and competencies of a verifying body that are needed to assess whether a report provides a balanced and true picture of the impact, with consideration of such aspects as accuracy of data provided in the report, and general choice of contents.

Verification is a method that uses a number of specific principles and approaches to assess the quality of organization’s materials, such as reports, as well as existing operational systems and processes, in addition to the level of competences that contribute to the performance. Verification assumes that assessment results will be open to wide audience, which will serve as validity of the report to report recipients (Report Verification Standard AA1000)

Assurance activities are performed on the basis of formal methodology of AA1000 Assurance Standard (AS). High degree of validity is a necessary condition for effective sustainability reporting. The principle of information validity cuts across all methods and approaches used by the business community, and builds confidence in its activities.

The final stage is issuance of a verification statement.


Verification specialists have international experience in certification of corporate reports in various sectors and of different scale.

CSR Central Asia conforms to all requirements to verifying organization (Report Verification Standard AA1000AS) (independence, impartiality, individual and organizational competence).

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