Through our projects we aim to create effective and rational corporate social responsibility solutions for organizations. CSR projects are a response to social and ethical requirements, as well as a desire to comply with environmental norms and expectations and are crucial for the sustainable development of organizations today.

Our projects focus on:

  • Increasing sustainability of organizations
  • Increasing effectiveness of processes in terms of sustainable development
  • Increasing loyalty and responsiveness of local communities and staff
  • Reducing reputation risks
  • Reducing transaction costs
  • Improving relations with authorities

We offer the following services:

  • Development and integration of CSR policies and organizational management strategies to ensure sustainable growth, reduce reputational risks and create added value.
  • Development and adjustment of management systems in accordance with sustainable development principles (development and adaptation of procedures)
  • Analysis of business processes related to sustainable development.
  • Development of corporate CSR platform, strategy and individual projects.
  • Development and coordination of long-term social and environmental programs and projects.
  • Development of stakeholder engagement policies
  • Preparation of non-financial reporting
  • Audit (verification) of the social reports

Our services can be applied to private sector, government organizations and NGOs.

We also have an understanding of the specifics of applying CSR principles in various industries (oil and gas, banking, construction, other.).


We have experience in various industries and a wide range of projects. The Agency’s consultants regularly undergo training, take part in conferences, training events in Central Asia and abroad. To expand the service capabilities, we have built up an extensive database of experts from around the world. We work with the best in our business.

If you have any inquiries on this topic, please contact us at: csr.centralasia@gmail.com