CSR Central Asia coordinates social sector projects that facilitate interaction among business, NGOs, and authorities; promote volunteer initiatives; encourage charity, as well as social and environmental responsibility of businesses.

We have extensive experience in coordination and implementation of social projects, communication with NGOs, government bodies and media. Our staff can take on tasks that range from formulation and implementation of strategies and long-term programs to making ice cream at a children’s charity event.

Our services related to formulation and management of programs and projects include the following:

  • Development of policies for implementation of social programs and projects.
  • Identifying important areas for implementation of social projects and programs that improve business sustainability.
  • Development of long-term programs and projects that take into account organizational strategy and latest social investment trends.
  • Finding experts and technical team for project development and implementation.
  • All stages of technical implementation of projects.
  • Seeking co-funding agencies.
  • Engagement of NGOs in project implementation (tendering, selection, performance monitoring).
  • Effectiveness evaluation of programs and projects (link)
  • Public relations and communications (internal and external) (link)

Types of social projects:

  • Projects that support socially vulnerable groups
  • Projects related to education and youth support
  • Projects on environmental protection, energy conservation
  • Company-level social projects
  • Social teambuilding
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Infrastructure projects in communities
  • HR and PR management projects.
  • Many other types.

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