Studies, expert reviews, verification, monitoring and evaluation of social investments, CSR/SD publications

Studies and expert reviews

Our services include research, expert reviews and analytical work related to relevant CSR and sustainable development (SD) topics in Central Asia. Specialization is based, first of all, on analysis of social sector issues, review of corporate priorities of the business sector in the region, identification of emerging trends and communication principles for interaction among representatives of all sectors of society.

Services related to research/studies:

  • Development of research hypotheses, objectives.
  • Development of a program and research methods (research methodology, pilot study)
  • Conducting fieldworks
  • Data processing and analysis, drawing conclusions, writing a report, developing recommendations.

Evaluation of social projects. Evaluation of social investments.

As part of its operations, CSR Central Asia engages in comprehensive assessment and evaluation of social projects and programs, as well as evaluation of social investments. Effectiveness evaluation of social projects, programs, and investments is carried out at all stages of their implementation: expert evaluation, final evaluation, outcomes evaluation, impact assessment.

Independent evaluation of projects is a tool to increase the effectiveness of CSR activities, as well as a way to increase organization’s transparency.

Services related to evaluation of social projects:

  • Employee training.
  • Development of the program and research methods (research methodology, pilot study).
  • Formulation of an evaluation manual.
  • Monitoring, interviews, surveys (fieldwork).
  • Conduction of evaluation.
  • Data processing and analysis, drawing conclusions, writing a report, formulation of recommendations.

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